“This is a great work, something that can impact many, many lives”

Dan Rahn, MD

(President, Medical College of Georgia)

June 2008

Cervical Cancer in Peru

Cervical cancer is the number one cause of cancer deaths in Peruvian women 15 to 64 years old. Peru has a very high rate of cervical cancer compared with other countries in the world. The majority of Peruvian women with cervical cancer are diagnosed at advanced stages when treatment options are limited and survival rates poor.

There are many reasons for Peru’s extremely high rate of cervical cancer. Although the Papanicolaou (Pap) test can detect pre-cancerous disease, few women can afford to get one. Laboratories are hindered by absent quality control and uniform standards, lack of properly trained personnel and inadequate materials and supplies. Because of a lack of properly trained providers, women frequently receive overly aggressive treatment of precancerous disease (total hysterectomy) which results in unnecessary morbidity. CerviCusco has the resources, personnel and expertise to save lives from this universally preventable cancer.

CerviCusco - Preventing cervical cancer in Peru