“Thank you for an unforgettable and moving experience in Peru. We are all hooked.”

Dr. Barbara Winkler

(internationally renowned gynecologic pathologist, Quest Laboratories, Teterboro, New Jersey)

June 2008

Mission Statement and Objectives

Mission Statement

CerviCusco, a Peruvian-registered non-profit association, is committed to improving the health and quality of life of Peruvian women through the primary and secondary prevention of cervical cancer. Our program is designed to deliver cervical cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment for all women, including impoverished women.

Our state-of-the-art medical center, trained Peruvian medical staff, high quality health care, growing clinical research program, expanding educational opportunities, inter-organizational partnerships, demonstrated collaboration with Peruvian medical organizations and experienced leadership define CerviCusco’s successful approach. CerviCusco intends to become a national and international center of excellence with services available to all.


  1. Maintain a regional healthcare clinic in Cusco, Peru designed to deliver sustained cervical cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment.
  2. Provide high quality care for all women, including financially disadvantaged indigenous women.
  3. Advance scientific discovery through Peruvian and US IRB-approved clinical research studies.
  4. Educate healthcare providers-in-training, other healthcare providers, local medical providers and the public.
CerviCusco - Preventing cervical cancer in Peru