Preventing Women's Cancer in Peru. Compassion in Care. Excellence in Medicine


Our services are provided through a specially constructed in Cusco and through numerous community outreach programs installation.
We provide modern medical and dental care, including screening for cervical cancer to women who need it through cost-effective interventions.
We educate health care providers and the public and advancing scientific discovery through clinical research studies.

CerviCusco offers modern, healthcare for women including:
  • Ultrasound and fine needle aspiration to detect breast cancer,
  • Colposcopy and expert-level services electrosurgery.
  • HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer and genital warts
  • Pap
  • Visual inspection with acetic acid
  • Cervical biopsy, endocervical curettage and polypectomy
  • Cryotherapy, loop excision electro surgical treatment pre cervical cancer, conization loop, cervical dilation,
  • Clinical research studies